Al Fresco Dining in Pop Up Market (for a few more days!)

Madison Square Market

Oh a loaf of bread, a jug of wine and….stop! While bread and wine are always tasty, there are a few days left til June 3rd and the world remains your oyster. Except oysters are about the only dish this temporary food stall market by Madison Square Park does not offer. But so what – you get to have fantastic pizzas from Roberta’s of Bushwick, a cubano pig’s head sandwich from Resto, Asia Dogs – hot dogs smothered in all kinds of thai inspired toppings including mango, peanuts, curry, kimchi and seaweed. Great mouth appeal btw.

And there’s more, much more…..even Eataly has a booth offering salty & savory lightly fried ribs, fried fish kabobs and very much fried chickpeas. I love the Hong Kong Street Cart and am in food lust for their papaya, tofu and soba noodle salad as well as their many other vegematic options – tho they do offer great duck buns and you can add chicken to my fave salad instead of tofu. Ilili offers a new legend in the making, a lamb beef harissa vegetable sandwich that is best accompanied by their very lovely cucumber & ginger juice. Hearty and healthy. Maybe go slightly lighter with one of those sweet or savory crepes from Bar Suzette. Made right in front of you, they slide right down in the simple form of crepe + sugar dust or as the new ham and cheese crepe sandwich.

Beverages abound. Let’s not pass by P&H soda. A carbonated beverage freshened with your choice of tastes, I love love the hibiscus lime and the ginger lime but there are endless possibilities. Or get your juice frozen as a delicious fruit creation from People’s Pops. The rhubarb ginger got me through this past Saturday’s humidity. Hell go over the edge entirely and get frozen sweet sweet sweet with the extremely tempting NuNu’s frozen mocha or frozen “hot” chocolate. Yum. But that takes us right into traditional, well maybe just an actual solid dessert as those offered from the always venerated Momofuku Milk Bar. A little frozen cereal milk ice for a way too early in the season blistering hot afternoon or that slice of crack pie you’ve been pining for – just because. I reveled in the house made coffee ice cream from the Goat Town ice cream wagon. Perfectly creamy but very light and redolent of real coffee flavor.

I hear that the park made a deal to keep the Calexico taco and burrito cart around for the summer. Fingers crossed that it’s true!

And if you want to ramp up your at home cooking so you’re not completely disconsolate after next Friday – stop by Spices and Tease and bag up some turmeric, or cinnamon or whatever appeals and create your own stall.

It’s fun, it’s relaxed, grab a table or a chair and join a fellow diner. Bring a book, and especially bring your dog and enjoy this early summer offering – at least until Friday!

Madison Square Market

Worth Square at Fifth Av & 24th/25th St
11am – 9pm through June 3rd

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2 thoughts on “Al Fresco Dining in Pop Up Market (for a few more days!)

  1. It was a pleasure to meet at the dog park and discuss Skyline Chili, Graeters Ice Cream and Gliers Goetta. We went right over to the food booths and had a fantastic time. NYC is filled with interesting and engaged people like you…I’m pleased to have been born there and we always have a good time when visiting, thanks to the energy and creativity of the people who live in NYC.

    • thanks so much, it was lovely to meet you both as well and i’m so glad that you did go and that you enjoyed the food stalls. i went over there shortly after you did – talking about it made me want to eat there again!

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