And The Winner Of The Middle Eastern Dip Contest Is…

Tanoreen / International Market

I love a good game and a contest qualifies as a game, yes? Ah but there was no contest. Just two winners! A quick little mention of my favorite NYC Hummus and Taramosalata.

Tanoreen, known for it’s off the hook Levantine food still remains a destination place all the way yonder in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. It has much to offer but for now we are talking Hummus as a state of joy, as any drug is to an addict – this is a creamy chickpea dance in your mouth that you just won’t say no to. A little tahini, olive oil, garlic and much lemon all creamed to…yup, perfection.

And most exciting for those living across the river in Manhattan – this Hummus of my dreams is available at Foodparc on Sixth Avenue in their new salad bar. Better to enjoy with a full meal at the restaurant and especially with the pita covered in za’atar but at least you can now easily have a hit when you need one.

Just some blocks north and west is – and I almost never use this word – the best Taramosalata I have been lucky enough to savor. I have come and knelt in adulation by the glass counter for years now. International Market on Ninth Avenue is home to fabtastic bulk spices, Greek specialties, memorable halvah, honeys, oils, cheeses and perfectly fine hummus…BUT. The Taramosalata is transcendent. Salty roe, stale bread, lemon etc whipped into frothy lightness. Its secret as far as I know is the club soda add. The only bad thing about it is that I could drown myself in the tub they keep it in and everytime I choose a container size, watch them scoop it in, I blurt out – I’ll take two. It’s not the tub but it is soul satisfying.

7523 Third Avenue
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

also available at:
839 Sixth Avenue at 30th Street

International Market
543 Ninth Avenue at 40th Street


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