A Perfect Little, Easy Little, Recipe For…Chicken Little

Fazio Farm

Good news. The sky has not fallen. All else may be tanking but if you are in NYC on a beautiful Friday, the Union Square Greenmarket awaits. And among its many offerings is the Fridays only appearance by Fazio Farm. John Fazio from Ulster County is here with his signature ducks, his legendary rabbit sausage and as heralded by my friend Rick – the best whole chicken you can hope to find in these parts. Add a stop by at The Meadow, my favorite salt shop on Hudson & 10th Street for their lemon salt and one fabulous dinner is this close to being ready.

Rinse the chicken, dry the chicken and then lemon salt that chicken cavity with glee. Coarsely chop some ginger and using just a wee bit more glee, toss it in the cavity as well.

For the outside of the bird, lightly crush the lemon salt with a mortar, do a little rub down with some nice olive oil, then heavily salt the whole shebang. It will be worth the detour to Hudson Street, I promise.

Chicken to pan to rack, add a good stock or at least water with celery and roast in a 375/400 degree oven for about 30-40 minutes – until it looks just right. Start breast side down and rotate after 20 minutes. Turn up the oven to 500 degrees for the last few moments and you are home free.

Don’t slice it. Serve it up quartered or halved and relax. No acorn needed to hit your head to make one simple great dinner.

Fazio Farm / Union Square Greenmarket
17th Street & Union Square
Fridays only


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