Goo Goo G’Joob…or Ko Foo Yourself


Itty bitty Korean take out in Chelsea packed with a big bite. And crazy portions. Buy one – feed the family it seems. Perhaps it’s not the best, the spiciest, the most brilliant but being true Korean comfort food, it goes a long way to making it just fine. Quite fine.

Loving the Kimchi Fried Rice, all kinds of mix-ins available from avocado to seafood to bulgogi. They do a more than decent, dare I say, good version of Soon Doo Boo Ji Gae, the spicy tofu stew that rivals great grandma’s chicken soup to cure what ails you. The Spicy Tuna Kimbob is only kinda spicy but you can definitely add some of their salty, sweet, spicy sauce usually served with the baked tofu and you’d be happy, snorting from the heat, plus would likely have enough food for three meals. Plentiful and filling only loosely describes the amount. Chewy Noodles, Vegetable Pancake, Pork & Wasabi Shumai are all bona fide good choices. I have much left to explore here, just on a project in the neighborhood for a couple days and I became a moth to the light. Might have to move.

It’s clean, it’s cute, it’s brightly colored. Friendly and helpful owners. Will the food dazzle you? Probably not. Will you want to order again on your way to a Highline picnic, or late work night, lunch etc…sources say yes.


334 Eighth Avenue between 26/27th Street

Monday – Friday 11am-10pm
Free delivery within ten blocks

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