Revolution No. 7…

No. 7 Sub

If a sandwich could be a Beatles gold record – or vice-versa, the subs found here would actually be the equivalent of all 49 of their top billboard hits. Turn me on great sandwich, (and if you’re steeped in Beatles ephemera or of a certain age, you will likely get that) and turn any and all on it does. They do.

Not much could erase the trial of especially long lines at the driver’s license hub of hell, but a determination to have something for lunch that I could look forward to became my carrot. Thought about walking over to Lot 30 (the food truck jamboree on 30th street/tenth av) before the season ends, considered a saunter up to International Market for some Greek treats like that taramosalata (mentioned here in an earlier post), or maybe something new…hmmm. I made it through the maze at last, popped out onto 34th street and started walking east. I unconsciously knew where I was headed. I’d always known. Off to the mecca of all that exists as a state of perfection between two slices of fabulous Caputos Bakery bread. Subs of substance, intellectual prowess, subs with wit. No processed cheese and ham-like here. This is the seasonal, sensational, sublime summation of incredibly eclectic and mouth satisfying combinations.

The brains behind all this is Chef Tyler Kord, he’s an artist and his canvas is a hero sandwich. Only not limited by tradition and truly established by imagination. There are as many vegetarian choices as there are delights for the devout carnivore but I’d bet my next sandwich that those who gravitate to the brisket with chinese mustard, pickled mushrooms and parsley or the pulled pork with feta might also flip over zucchini parm with fontina, sweet onion, pickled jalapenos and bbq chips. The ever changing menu has offered food as insanity! Fried wasabi, pickled blueberries (pickling is popular) and one of the joys of last winter was that brussel sprout sub with granny smith apples and wait for it…crushed peanuts. Cannot wait for the first freeze.

Today my head was spinning as their General Tso’s tofu sandwich is always divine and as it’s supplemented by current market offerings, the combo varies. Today it had shiso (I live for shiso) and yellow squash with pickled ginger but without a waver I went with the roasted broccoli, ricotta salata and lychee muchim. Warm, toasty-crunchy, sweet, tart, salty and so damn good. And also felt like it was healthy. So what could be better? Well maybe the breakfast version that’s served until 10:30am! On the current menu it’s broccoli, egg and cheese but with smoked gouda and thai basil pesto. Buh-bye bagels. But then there’s that kielbasa with scrambled eggs, sweet soy and pickled jalapeno…ruh roh.

Ah, tomorrow’s another day. It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright.

No. 7 Sub
1185 Broadway at 29th Street
Open daily 11:30 – 6pm

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