Rock N’ Roll + Food = Big Business

For Coldplay and Green Day it’s anything that comes in a fifth. Christina requires Flintstone chewables. Both Clay Aiken and the Red Hot Chili Peppers need Lucky Charms and for Axl Rose, a full roasted lamb dinner before going onstage. Now the Sirens call from celebrities is, let us serve you or actually – sell to you!

Many trade in the grape. Sting, Dylan, Newton-John sell a few bottles. Dave Matthews has Blenheim Vineyards near his organic farm in Scottsville, VA. He originally sold product to local purveyors, now after a hiatus it’s been reinvented as an educational farm where food will be grown for community distribution as well as be a working classroom.

Marilyn Manson tackled Absinthe. His performance rider may stipulate Haribo gummy bears in the dressing room but his very adult Mansinthe was awarded a gold medal at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Not the usual milky white, but a vivid glowing green, just the turn you’d expect from Manson. The bigger surprise tho is that it’s surprisingly smooth, hints of anise, almonds, coriander and some heat. It’s sensual, a long flirty finish of sweet fennel lingers in the throat. It’s earthy and intense and subtle, who knew?

Renowned guitarist Ted Nugent’s motto “you can’t grill it until you kill it” morphed into a major cookbook called what else – Kill it and Grill it! with entertaining anecdotes for hunting and cleaning wild game plus recipes including the touted coca cola venison stew.

When Dwight Yoakam says “you just heat em’ and eat em’ “, he’s referring to a crazy little thing called Bakersfield Biscuits. That love also includes his popular Chicken Fries breaded in tastes from buffalo to pizza, and mac ‘n cheddar mouth poppers.

Alex James, the bassist from Blur and noted cheesemaker made a contract to supply cheese by royal appt with the Prince of Wales. The cheese is sold thru Dutchy of Cornwall’s estate but only for 3 pounds. He thinks everyone should be able to afford royal cheese.

Need more celebrity proffered food and drink? Try these:

Snoop Dogg’s eponymous – and foot long – hot dogs.

Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo tequila (though truth be told he sold off 80% of his interest in the late 90s because he said “I don’t like working that hard)

Jimmy Buffet wasted no time wastin’ away in Margaritaville. He has drink mixes (of course), frozen shrimp offered in wacky taste combos, salsas, dips, chips and a chicken line all packaged in the fun and fruity look of the Caribbean.

Rage Against The Machine’s drummer Brad Wilk’s Olade – organic sugar free lemonades chock full of electrolytes, stevia and endurance, designed because the diabetic drummer could not find a natural drink to replenish energy while touring.

Joe Perry from Aerosmith makes hot sauce, called Rock Your World Boneyard Brew and Rock Your World Mango Peach Tango and indeed they do. “If you’re gonna play, play it loud. If you’re gonna cook, cook with fire!!!!”. Dream on.

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