The Simplest But So Good Breakfast


Recently had a little breakfast early one morning in Soho while on way to a meeting at longtime local – Local. It’s an intimate, sleek cafe featuring lovely coffee, a great attitude and all kinds of perfectly made, healthful but oddly decadent breakfasts. Later in the afternoon add in some disarming sandwich combinations (olive rolls from Grandaisy!) and your day is complete.

A friend had the fabulous oatmeal with dried cranberries, fruit and walnuts but I had the avocado toast. And now I can’t stop making it very local – in my kitchen. A piece of multi grain bread or maybe pumpernickel from the Union Sq farmer’s market, toasted and drizzled with some nice olive oil, a ripe avocado, lemon – both meyer and sorrento lemons are available right now so a good squeeze, salt and some hot pepper flakes. Mash it all up and spread on the toast, keeping a few chunky bites of course – and you’re happily at Local too. Or in my kitchen…

*Sometimes it’s fun to mix in a bit of mustard, I used horseradish mustard. Equally great.

144 Sullivan Street btwn Houston/Prince

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