It’s My Jam…

Cloudberry Jam

If ever there was magic in a bottle, sans a genie – it’s in this bittle lottle. The ethereal, mysterious, exotic, enchanting cloudberry. I’ve never had the chance to pop a freshly picked one right in my mouth while standing in some mossy bog but I’ve popped the jam jar version. And it’s sublime.

If you like your tart a little earthy with a twist of honey, dive in. It’s got the texture of raspberries, the color of apricots and a taste that leans toward gooseberries. A delicate, sweetly tart golden amber ticket to Nirvana.

It’s not inexpensive as it’s hand picked and can only be harvested a few weeks out of the year. Cloudberry Jam is usually known for being from a specific magical kingdom in northern Sweden (ha) but it’s really Nordic…as well as Alaskan and they allegedly grow somewhere in Long Island. Ikea sells it though I don’t feel like it’s quite as good as hand delivered from Stockholm (like mine!).

Canadians use cloudberries to flavor beer, Alaskans mix it with caribou fat and make their own version of ice cream. In Norway the jam is mainly used with just whipped cream and sugar and in Finland offered with a local cheese. But in Sweden it’s often heated and served over homemade vanilla ice cream, or in a warm crepe, any which way in a dessert. I like it all. I’ve served it on pancakes, and with blue cheese on toast points, with almond butter in a sandwich and mixed with some greek yogurt. Who cares? Eating it off the tip of your finger works nicely as well!

Besides going to Sweden yourself or being gifted a jar, there is the perfectly fine Ikea version and among other Scandinavian options, you can order online from or stop in at any one of the Fika chain in NYC. They use the jam on some sweets you can enjoy with coffee.

Cloudberry Jam
Anywhere you find magic food…:)

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