This Truck Is No Slug…

Cinnamon Snail / Vegan Lunch Truck

It’s summertime and for many that means a beach, a grill, a burger and a moment of peace. But if you’re here in the city and a meat eater or especially if not, Cinnamon Snail is here to bridge the urban-ocean gap.

Oh Snail, shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Or just compare burgers? My stars. The Ancho Chili Seitan Burger is a good thing for any kind of ‘vore!

It’s a really great burger. Beer simmered onions and garlic, arugula, piri piri pepper sauce, horseradish cream on grilled herb focaccia and yes…seitan.

Fresh, organic, tantalizing, imaginative and seriously – made with love. These are the nicest people, they take such care with the food and it shows. I had a supremely tasty vegan blondie this time but their donuts (s’more version and otherwise) are legendary.

Don’t stop at the burger. A seasonal menu with current market offerings makes for divine surprises and darn good eating. A Red Curry Grilled Tofu Bahn Mi, Sage Tempeh Sliders, Maple Pecan Waffles in their breakfast menu hours, Porcini Burger…it goes on. And really and truly, I cannot say this any louder – the food is fantastic. And equally satisfying to the doubting bacon fan as to the pure of tongue yogini in your life.

The outrageous donuts, incredibly sweet dog loving staff, thoughtful, plate licking sublime food…and kids we have a winner at the bingo table!

Follow them on Twitter to see when they’re near you. And then find them. @veganlunchtruck

Cinnamon Snail Truck
servicing NYC & sometimes NJ

* Header photo by Angela Carbonetti /

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