Fried. Rolled. Pierced. Poured.

Calde Calde at Eataly Stall
Mad Sq Eats

They say calde calde because essentially they are barking – come and get it while it’s hot. And I did. I’d do it again if this damn festival would last longer. And I hope you can! But I’ll track down the bomboloni to the depths of Eataly if I have to. Holy Smokin’ Tobacco! A chocolate hazlenut bomboloni, an Italian donut is like eating sin. SIN. It’s that good. Or bad depending on how you look at it.

The adorable Italian baker fries the dough, rolls it in sugar, pierces the hot pocket and makes a slit.

Then he holds it under the chocolate fountain (kind of like a hormone fed kitchen faucet) and lets the dough fill with chocolate hazlenut cream inside while dripping onto the outside.

He calls out your name and you can’t grab that piping hot box fast enough. Dive in. It really is eyes roll back in the head time with chocolate dripping down your face, sparkling with sugar crystals, practically blind from the bliss and who the F cares??

It’s like a baptism of all that life should be, a promise of heaven realized at last or maybe it’s just the devil smiling. But for a few moments while downing this sticky sweet melting chocolate infused dough, no matter what you believe, things could not be better.

Chocolate Hazlenut Bomboloni / Calde Calde
Eataly stall at Mad Sq Eats and hopefully at Eataly.
Or maybe hopefully not!
Fifth Av at 25th st / Worth Square


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