Snap, Crackle & Pop

Pran Chanachur

Walking my dog every evening past my neighborly corner fruit vendors, I am routinely offered bites of the private stash. They’re having a Bengali chowdown while the rest of us are stocking up on bananas. This HOT Chanachur brightened my rainy late night walk last week and yesterday’s teeming showers blew forth my very own bag from Hassan the fruit vendor. He’d brought it the other day and had it safely stored til he saw me. How fantastic.

It’s basically variations of dried and fried lil’ bits of peanuts, lentils, chickpea flour, green beans, onions, curry leaves and so on. Plus spices. Lots of spices. There’s a mild vinegar version or there’s my Bombay Mix bag – which is HOT and has that malty under taste of mustard seed. And it’s impossible to just eat one handful.

Pop in your favorite Bollywood movie or have the best surprise snack at your weekly poker game – it’s your very own Chex mix, Bengali style.

I have no idea where to get it! Ha. But any Bangladeshi food emporium should do the trick. There’s always the internet of course. Or be lucky enough to have the fruit cart of fruit carts on your corner.

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