A Dish To Build A Dream On…

Estiatorio Milos (a particular dish)

In the best of all possible dream dining worlds, I would love to jet around town (though since it is a dream, let’s say around the world) and stop in as I may for a favorite dish. Could be so unique that nobody else anywhere can make it happen that way or it could just be a terrific rendition of something well known. I’d be happy to include any dish I’ve heard about and have on my master list to try sometime soon as well.

The other day a friend called on the later side of the evening to see if I’d be up for a glass of wine and a favorite vegetable dish at the venerable, always excellent, if not rather pricey Greek palace on West 55th Street. Sure thing.

Milos is so civilized. Very Aegean. Perfect canvas for a delicate slice of sunlit, white-washed cuisine.

So we plunged in. A lovely Rose and several glasses of Sauvignon Blanc and the Tower of Love. A thirty three dollar tower of lightly fried zucchini (sometimes eggplant) and saganaki cheese. But I mean lightly fried. Each chip tastes as if the zucchini had just been pulled from your garden at twilight, playfully scorched by golden sunlight. Well okay, let’s say that it wasn’t greasy, heavy or breaded. It was really what you want something fried to be – itself but better!

Ready and set…


In the center you find a yogurt dill dip which wonderfully enhances the vegetables and adds a little bit to the virtuous take I have with these fried beauties. It’s healthy!

The cheese bits taste of the open fire, softly burnt edges with oozing tangy cheese running amok in your mouth.

Truth be told we also had a few additional nibbles, a beautiful tomato salad that was very July-at-your-beachside-taverna, a mini appetizer with fava bean spread, one grilled shrimp and a small but fabulous crab cake, followed by a loup de mer that was Skiathos on a plate. Sunshine and sea with a bit of deep green loam as a base. Lovely.

But this didn’t stop us from playing a second hand. Hit me. One mo’ tower please.

Indulgence is just that. Probably too much. Sigh. But too good to not go for it. Then, in for a penny in for a pound, we shared some intensely moist walnut cake accompanied by lavender ice cream. Mostly to prevent us from round three I fear. Plus a spoonful of delightful sugar helps the medicine go down.

Spare and pure in its Mediterranean way, their light hand with oil, sweet and especially with fried anything is to be lauded. The extras we had were absolutely great but it’s the Tower I still think about. Definitely a return on my one dish stop by tour.

Estiatorio Milos
125 West 55th Street between Sixth/Seventh Avenue

* Header photo by Angela Carbonetti / http://www.angelacarbonetti.com


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