I Try Not To Judge But…

Chilean Olive Oil Council / Puro Chile Store Pastry Contest

I had so much fun a few nights ago at the Puro Chile Store in Soho – a place one can actually enjoy anytime for all it’s Chilean and South American goodies.

Ryan D’Agostino, the articles editor at Esquire Magazine invited me to be a judge along with the noted food blogger Elizabeth Gunnison for a pastry contest where noted NYC chefs created with the caveat that their dessert had to involve Chilean olive oil. Hardly a hardship. Say that 5x fast.

Another muggy, rainy night in NYC but we were comforted by several glasses of a lovely Chilean Rose and a great crowd of people all there to show support for Share Our Strength.

Eight super talented pastry chefs offered their confections while Ryan, Liz and I got to stroll around, ballot in one hand, wine in the other and mouths agape at the bounty. Represented were Olives, Il Laboratorio del Gelato, Delicatessen, Baked By Butterfield, Tu-Lu’s gluten free bakery, The Naughty Housewife, Isabelle’s Curly Cakes and of course Puro Chile – the fabulous co-hosts for the event.

Here’s a sampling of the desserts and the winners. Though just like ‘it’s an honor to be nominated’, everyone really was a winner. We were asked to vote based on presentation, creativity with the oil and overall taste. All were quite lovely though there wasn’t quite as much pushing the boundaries as I might have enjoyed. So, we had a tie for the honors (the audience vote matched one of our choices) because we felt they really had the best expression of taste blended with oil style.

Baked by Butterfield

The Naughty Housewife (adorable cookies)

Olives (with an off the hook caramel ice cream)

Isabelle’s Curly Cakes

Il Laboratorio del Gelato

Sadly I missed getting a photo of Tu-Lu’s gluten free olive oil doughnuts…

The two winners: Delicatessen and Puro Chile! And Justin Racz, the gracious organizer of the event making the introductions…

with mascarpone & so much more

olive oil brownie is a spiced pool of oil

The true winner of course…

Chilean olive oil rocks. Italy move over. And Puro-Chile wines and adjacent store have so many items to offer. Those will be covered in a future interview with the friendly CEO, Mauricio Banchieri Carter. Meanwhile, I’m still benefiting from my take home bag of sweets and generosity.

221 Center Street at Grand Street

*Header photo by Angela Carbonetti / http://www.angelacarbonetti.com

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