Taim After Taim

Taim Mobile

Just a quick post to finally set into type how much I love Taim. From their tiny brick and mortar temple on in the West Village to their fancier digs in Soho (Balaboosta) to their truck. Which luckily for me pops up around the corner once a week. And I’m not the only worshipper.

Seriously great falafel, hummus, amba sauce and specials like ginger lemonade or a fig/date smoothie. Very Tel Aviv. They don’t offer the fabulous Sabich sandwich on the truck but I’m sure that fried eggplant would become wet eggplant if it was on wheels. Head to the storefront on Waverly Place for that sometime.

So, instead I had the red pepper falafel sandwich special with all the pickled, spicy, brilliant fix-ins. One of several rotating falafels. Crispy but moist, earthy and piquant.

And a friend had the Mediterranean platter. She negotiated for more cabbage instead of quinoa and I must say – the cabbage was a poem. Sweet, crunchy and a good foil for the spicy sauce. As is their delectable hummus. Toss it all with the cucumber-tomato medley and top it with amba (pickled mango sauce) and you are in non-falafel but still middle eastern heaven.

We stopped and picked up two beers and found a table on the “Bloomberg meridian” for our little mid-afternoon picnic. Lunch was so good, I forgave the whole tables-in-the-middle-of-Broadway-to-mess-with-the-traffic situation for just this once.

Taim Mobile
hopefully by a corner near you
check http://www.tweat.it and find out when

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