Raindrops On Roses…

Rio Mare

Not just Rio Mare. Rio Mare Tonno All’Olio Extra Vergine Di Oliva. Not just tonno but tonno packed in extra virgin olive oil that you can only find in Italy and perhaps only in Umbria. Not just yellowfin tuna fish in a can from Italy in extra virgin olive oil – and whiskers on kittens aside, this very can of happiness is in fact my favorite thing.

Travel and food are my fuel for life and finding local treats, the ones you can’t scope out on the internet or find in some far flung corner grocery of the urban gourmet-sphere, are like sniffing out your own truffle at the base of a hazelnut tree. Winning.

Don’t you relish the stash in your suitcase when you arrive home with something you couldn’t bear to leave foreign soil without? Isn’t there a treat (maybe your’s isn’t food) that you politely beg for if someone you know is headed to the land of your favorite of favorites? I’ll admit I have several but Rio Mare extra virgin tuna is at the top of the list. Why they won’t export it I cannot fathom. They do sell their tuna in regular olive oil outside of Italia but you have to truck through an Umbrian hill town to ferret out this truffle. Luckily for me, my ex-pat friends are in town and brought me enough to quiet my addiction. For now.

It’s spectacular. Have it straight out of the can but if that makes you feel like you’re drinking a Bud from a bag on the street, add it to some cannellini beans with a little red onion. Yum. Use it however you’d enjoy tuna (no need for mayo though). It’s lighter than many oiled tunas, fruitier, mellow, and golden. It’s steam cooked, hand processed, packed with the oil and a bit of sea salt. So delicate. The pink pearls of tuna world. And c’mon…the interior is gold!

How do you really describe great tuna in a can anyway? I’m sure it’s hard to imagine the true glory here but trust me, if you can wrangle some traveling friends to hand it off to you or get to an alimentari yourself – go forth and add this to your favorites list. Maybe right before brown paper packages tied up with string.

Rio Mare Tonno All’Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva
Find it at your local Umbrian alimentari (and oh please bring some back for me)

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2 thoughts on “Raindrops On Roses…

  1. ha. thanks. very glad to know it can be found all around Italy tho i have to say, i’ve never been able to find it anywhere other than Umbria. i envy you getting to have it anytime you want! :0)

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