Great Balls of…

Teriyaki Balls

I might be behind in cute Asian girl food world but there seems to be much happening. Luckily for me I’m in the process of catching up with my personal discovery of Teriyaki Balls – as cooked and served by Mimi and Coco at the Madison Square Park Eats Festival.

Balls of dough are ever irresistible and these somehow manage to be incredibly satisfying but not make you feel like you did a bad, bad thing. I’ve had the tasty takoyaki/octopus balls from Otafuku on 9th street, complete with bonito flakes but haven’t been back in years. Stumbling upon these stuffed balls, along with their creators (and built in cheerleading section) was a treat.

Mimi and Coco seem quite excited and very proud of their product. It all has a bit of a Hello Kitty feel but only because of the pop style and genuine enthusiasm. These balls are crispy-esque on the outside but definitely have the gooey factor with soft dough and creamy filling on the inside, all made possible by a specifically designed cast iron grill pan.

On offer are country sausage, shrimp or potato. I ordered a mix of the last two. Toppings include roasted slivered almonds, a seemingly random ingredient but I appreciated the warm, crunchy nuttiness. A sort of counterpoint to the chewy. Something I may have thought of had it been the old days and I was high. But then there are corn flakes too. Now you may as well be high. Their teriyaki sauce is multi layered and you can choose to have the whole raft (I did!) or pick and choose among the flavors and textures. Mayo, pepper, chili sauce etc. It’s food as fun. Pop the whole ball in your mouth, follow it with a sip of one of the great ales at the market and a great afternoon is now on point.

Teriyaki Balls
Mimi and Coco currently at Madison Square Eats Festival in Worth Square at Fifth Avenue and 25th Street.


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