You’ve Seen The Difference & It’s Getting Better All The Time…


Valley Girl was always a guilty pleasure movie for me. Who doesn’t get caught up in Romeo and Juliet? So Cal style. Plus I do love a good pop song so Modern English’s hit theme made it all the better. I’ll stop the world and melt with you. With love or cheese. Smooth transition. Ha. Grilled cheese sandwiches are an equally righteous pleasure. And in this healthy diet conscious world we live in, a bit guilt inducing. Yet lately they reign supreme in the zeitgeist so I say – if you can’t beat ’em…



If you’re going to partake, Melt’s (there’s that connection!) newest branch in Chelsea does them up proud. Dine in or dine out on their little terrazzo. Take it to go and relish in privacy. Throw in some shop tots (the tater variety) and choose among several home made dipping sauces like bbq, pesto or truffle mayo. Maybe complete your retro indulence with chips, tomato soup, a specialty shake or go whole hog and tie it up with a root beer float. It’s comfort at its gourmet finest. There’s a breakfast melange of truffled scrambled eggs, a melted cheese wrap with all kinds of trimmings, a lovely light cheese and mushroom filled frittata and more – then the menu takes you straight on through lunch and dinner.



You have your classic choices and then there are the classics with a twist or Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride versions. The 24 hour pork – pecan and oak smoked all natural pulled pork with aged cheddar, dill pickle and homemade bbq sauce, The Sweetness made with brie, carmelized onions and cranberry jam or The Award Winner, with blue cheese, cheddar cheese, thick cut bacon and more cranberry jam. The decision factor overrides any dairy guilt since you burn anxiety calories what with having to choose only one.


Order. Wait for your name to be called.


I went semi simple. Just a quick stop by. The Shroom! A havarti and goat cheese combo with roasted wild mushrooms and the deal sealer – house made parsley pesto on multi-grain bread. There was tang, musk, creaminess, and a hint of sweet. There was crunch. There was love.




I left with a light heart and a plan for next time. No point in regrets. Especially when something is really really good. Right? “There’s nothing you and I won’t do…”



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