Little Breakfast Idea Courtesy of Sullivan Street Bakery…

Sullivan Street Bakery

I’ve already mentioned Sullivan St Bakery in an earlier post and my complete adoration for anything that comes out of its rustic oven. Particularly that Truccio whole grain bread. Well, in need of an easy meeting place with a friend the other morning, we went for a latte and maybe some toast. But our Prima Colazione ended up being something so simple and so good…chopped up Truccio toasted bread, Vermont creamery salted butter with two poached eggs on top. Served until 11am.

Of course it’s tres easy to make yourself with any favorite bread to toast. I added some sauteed spinach and a little parmesan.

It’s perfect however and wherever you have it.



Sullivan Street Bakery * one of several locations
236 Ninth Avenue between 24/25th street
Mon – Sun, 7:30 AM – 9 PM


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